Gabriel Elisavetsky

Web developer

Audio engineer


I embrace being part of the future, one where the web remains an open standard and breeds new innovation. I snowboard. I act. I love to shred on my longboard, but you’ll usually find me at my desk on my computer safely inside my room! No, that is not the only place you can find me. You can find me outdoors with a mate gourd in my hand, relaxing in the dry California air, coding away.


Some things I am passionate about.


I mainly do front-end web development.


I've loved technology since my early childhood, whether it be a new console with its all-new design or a great piece of software.


Yes. I love yerba mate. I drink it every day. Ask me about my favorite kind!


A snapshot of Wendy Kauderer's artist portolfio homepage at The banner (or main image if you will) on the right is a drawing of a close-up eye. Navigation and a search bar can be seen on the left.

Wendy Kauderer

Front-end artist portfolio art gallery theme switcher CMS view transitions accessible

A portfolio website I created for Wendy Kauderer, an extremely talented and gifted artist.

She is all about her art so my design centered around accentuating the entirety of all her pieces, bringing them front and center. You’ll notice on each piece’s individual page, the piece bleeds it’s colors onto the background, further improving the viewer’s immersion.

Tech Stack

React Astro TailwindCSS Pagefind Decap CMS Not Another React Lightbox
the sykstem. A stunning e-commerce site for an apparel business built with Hugo and Snipcart's fantastic developer-first tools

the sykstem

Front-end e-commerce save items filter & sort items account creation

A stunning e-commerce site for an apparel business built with Hugo and Snipcart’s fantastic developer-first tools, the sykstem delivers on it’s speed and quality.

Tech Stack

Hugo Bulma.css Snipcart lazysizes.js fastsearch.js (fuse.js) postcss.js Vanilla JS
The complimentary newsletter app to the sykstem's e-commerce site.

the sykstem | newsletter

Full-stack newsletter

The complimentary newsletter app to the sykstem’s e-commerce site. This was my first foray into the backend side of programming. I realized that it was a whole other world where the DOM was not available, so I had to learn to think differently.

Tech Stack

express.js EJS Bulma.css Node.js
My TODO list app. Yes it is just another todo list, but it focuses mainly on simplicity.


Full-stack add / edit / delete view completed

Yes…this is JATL (just another todo list). The difference here is that I focus on it’s simplicity while trying to keep it as minimal as possible.

Tech Stack

express.js mongoose EJS mongoDB Bulma.css Node.js Vanilla JS
This public journal — as the name describes — is for the public. Anyone can hop on without having to login and create and comment on entries anonymously.

PJ (Public Journal)

Full-stack add / edit / delete account creation anonymous accounts

This public journal — as the name describes — is for the public.

Anyone can hop on without having to create an account and make an entry straight away. Or you can go the “normal” route and create your own account. You can create and comment on entries “anonymously” if you please with the option to upgrading to a typical account setup later.

Entries are discarded after a short period of time, making this journal ephemeral in nature.

Tech Stack

express.js mongoose EJS mongoDB Bulma.css Node.js Vanilla JS
A complete redesign of my dad's website. Built with responsiveness from the beginning.


Front-end personal site

Taking inspiration from his studio design, I felt the need to give my dad’s website a complete makeover. At the time, I did not have any knowledge of javascript so I experimented with css to see if I could do some of the things that javascript was able to do.

In return, the site became usable all without javascript enabled in the browser (though without lazysizes.js). Maybe someone prefers not to have javascript turned on, especially for static sites. Here’s to those who make that choice.

Tech Stack

Hugo React SCSS lazysizes.js Decap CMS Webpack Babel



my current cv


my current acting resume


How did an actor wind up starting web dev?


So there I was in theater school at UCLA, thinking about how to go about my life again…

I started to realize my journey largely at the start of 2021, during a business marketing class. We were tasked with creating a website in order to market ourselves in the industry. It was then where I decided to do things a little differently; instead of using a platform like Wordpress or Wix, I decided to build one from scratch. It brought on new ways of thinking and of doing things, harnessing that ability to embrace efficiency and the use of shortcuts.

After settling on learning the Hugo static site generator, I ran with it to start my newfound career. I instantly fell in love with how fast it builds my code; the instant reloads were indeed a plus too. The feeling I get building my own site through code is unlike anything I have felt, even with acting. I wake up every day wanting to get my hands on the keyboard to create something new or to update existing code. I cannot wait to contribute to the open community.

Me in Sylvia Blush's production of Cowboy Mouth.